Raising My Voice

In cities and towns across the globe, people watch, delightfully, as the beautiful sun sets to give way for the lone gentle moon to shine among millions of competing stars. In the morning, as well, many watch as it rises above the horizon. The system has been excellently beautified for observers.

I have always been a fan of the universe. I like to reflect about the coordination between the different systems that made up the universe. I am always amazed at this synchronization.

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between these celestial systems or bodies? Just like the living things, the stars were said to have life. They are born, they grow, and they die. It was also said that they make sounds and move from point to point.

We have the clouds that move freely in the sky from one place to another and (in some instance) provide shed from the blazing sun. I learnt in our basic science that formation of clouds is an important part of the water cycle. Through it we get rain with which we grow food to eat and survive. The generous clouds also adorn the sky in beautiful shapes and colours. For instance, it appears as white, grey and some other colours. It is just amazing.

In our ‘Thermodynamics classes, it was said that, no system is 100 percent perfect or efficient. So it is not surprising that sometimes nature itself inflict calamity on us. From hurricane and floods to devastating earth quakes; humans, animals and plants have suffered immensely in the hands of nature. I have not experienced earth quake or hurricane in my life (which I don’t pray to), but I have seen the effect as a whole community structures are wiped out as a result of super typhoon.

Scientist made us believed that some of these calamities can be minimize by doing our best to stop climate change. Others like the earthquake and the typhoons, with the use of advanced technology, prompt detection of their occurrence or movement is possible. This will help in timely evacuation.

During this year’s world environmental day, we were told to ‘Raise Our Voices, not The Sea level.’ We cannot hold dear our universe without appreciating its effort to sustain us.

Let’s appreciate this system by putting off our taps when not in use. Our lights should go off when leaving our offices, rooms or any part of our homes. Let’s print only when we need to, and let’s learn to cook what we can finish.

Of recent I read a little about Permaculture. I think it’s a great way of harnessing what nature has to offer. It emphasizes the correct usage of all part of nature. Essentially promoting a simple way of life in which the natural system of living is emphasized.

I hope, while we do the little we can to improve the state of the climate, we should also look at the beauty of the universe and enjoy the sight of the stars, the moon and the clouds. Enjoy their company as they follow you wherever you go under the sky! 🙂

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Tribute to a departed father II

Many a times I heard that someone’s father passed away. The impact of such news only duel in me for too short a time to allow me reflect on the life of the decease. But now that the table has turned around, my father’s memories always sets me reflecting on the simple life he led.
I was in the office one morning when I found myself reflecting on the whole idea of life and living. I summarized my reflection in this beautiful words that has been on my BBM status throughout that day; “Life is nothing but a journey… has a beginning & an end. Only the weak-minded can make a permanent home before reaching his destination”

When every second of a man’s life is worth remembering, no doubt he must have led a celebrated life. A life dedicated to human service and appreciation of God’s mercy.
He was a man that anyone who came across him has a reason to celebrate his life and live his legacy. In recognition of his service to humanity, he was honored with the membership of the ‘Institute of cooperate executives of Nigeria’ (MICEN) in 2004. Till his death he hold this membership dear to his heart.

As an educated young man full of desire to raise not only his immediate family but a generation of young men in the small town, went and asked for the hand of a lady (now our beloved mother) that can shoulder such a heavy burden and make that dream a reality. Our house has been a training place for enthusiastic young men & women willing to tap from their knowledge.

I listened, with interest, an anecdote one early morning shared by a friend’s father . He re-counted with a trembling emotional voice;
“….after our graduation from arabic teachers college in the 70’s we came back home to Gadaka (Our Country home) and a new motorcycle was given to each of the five of us. We used to feel proud & fulfilled and like there is no need for further education as very few individuals had the grade II teacher certificate at that time. One day Mallam (as they popularly called my father which means a teacher or scholar) came for weekends from Maiduguri and sent for us to come. He advised us and promised to provide enrollment forms for Diploma in Law at the Borno College of Legal and Islamic Studies. Mallam fulfilled his promise & ensured that he personally brought the forms to us and took the completed forms back for submission. He knew quite well that if left with the forms non of us would have submitted the forms. We all got admitted into the college. Today I am most grateful for his decision to get us back to school….”

He was a friend of the newspaper vendors. He made sure we don’t lack Newspaper to read in the house. We have our  daily subscription of Daily Trust newspaper. Before the advent of Daily Trust around 1998, New Nigeria Newspaper was the daily ‘must-read’ of the house. BBC Focus on Africa  Magazine for long has been our window through which we read about the happenings in and around Africa. Sadly, it cannot be found on the vendor’s stand again.

Sometimes I will suddenly remember that I had not heard from him, then a voice within me would say, ‘Hassan, it is over, you can’t speak to him anymore.’ Gradually, I have come to accept this reality.

I will conclude by sharing a hand written note from my father to someone whom he addressed as ‘Mallam Adamu’. He wrote the note four days to his death. In it, he tried to consoled him on the death of his mother. What strikes me was when he specifically mentioned that “….death is on every soul….”


Baba may God honour your soul and may His mercy & forgiveness continue to be with you.


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Tribute to a departed father I

“Indeed we are from God and unto him is our return”. That was the statement that kept escaping my lips. What else would someone say!
It was few minutes pass 5 o’clock in the morning that I put a call to my mums phone. She didn’t respond to the call. I tried my cousin, he too didn’t respond. Lastly, I called our youngest brother, Ahmad. He never picked the call. I begin to question why would all of them stay away from their phones. Shortly Ahmad’s call came in. I answered, and he said, “….baba babu (Baba is gone)” I heard difficulty picking these words from the cry that cloud the words. To be sure, I said what! He repeated the same words.
“Indeed we are from God and unto him is our return” that was all I said. The next thing was getting to the airport ASAP.
It was at the airport that the first tear fell from my eyes. I was on the queue for check-in when a sudden thought crossed my mind that I may not see my father again and forever; and that his book has been closed and all chapters completed. I quickly wipe those tears not to allow anyone to notice. It has never happened to us before. None of my siblings died. It is totally strange, a new thing in our house. It had taken away my father.
During the short flight to Abuja, I kept watching through the window and the memories were flowing. The childhood memories, especially. I remembered all those times that he goes every where with me and my twin brother by his side. In the office, visiting family and friends, when going to mosque, all the time we play around him. We used to imitate how he talks and he would laugh and I guess he derives joy from it. He would teach us how to pronounce words correctly in English language.
…..I got to the house. I first went to my uncles then I find way to get to the only jewel I have now – my mother. The short walk from the front yard (where my uncles were seated) to her section in the main house reminds me of the days when he was alive. I was in tears before I get to her. I tried hard not to make sound and cry.
….I was by her said, it was a moment of emotion with both mother and son in tears. I said …mama, what God has decreed is certain and it must come to pass. I asked her not to grief; that such is the way God executes his plan. I went a step further to give her more courage. I told her that ” mama, I understand that when God loves you, he puts you on trial time after time. This trial is nothing but pure love from God. And at this point we only say what pleases Him. She said, “thank God that you understood this” tears were rolling down her face. I had a deep breath for a number of times which helped me get the accumulated cry out of my system. After I left her, I moved further to greet my aunts. I was able to see through the thick lens of tears in my eyes that is yet to drop, that they were so much bereaved. They consoled me and I answered all their prayers with ameen.

The waves of emotions and pity for a departed soul that means a lot to me doesn’t just come all the time, but intermittent. As we sat to receive sympathizers, we heard so many testimonies and non point to the negative direction.
His life was that of a gentle man that knows where he came from and where he heads to. Although life has a way of turning things around in the least expected way, I know that my father was a fulfilled man.
I Pray that he gets God’s peace & mercy with him always. (Allahu Yarhamu)

I just missed him!


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It is with a heavy but grateful heart that I write to inform you of the passing away of the namesake of this blog ‘Abba Disa’ (my late beloved father). He was the inspiration behind this blog. He passed away on 25.10.2013. May Allah have mercy on his soul and grant him maghfirat (forgiveness) & Jannah (Paradise). Ameen
To share some of the uncountable lessons i learnt from him, I will create another category on this blog and i will call it ‘My Father’s Legacy’


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Think & Reflect

Today I have a simple exercise for us. Let’s think about our universe particularly the Sun and the Moon. How each of these two moves in its own course.

We know that the Sun burn it self by way of some nuclear reaction to provide us with light to support our lives. And we also know that the moon on its own cannot generate the illumination it gives us at night. We were taught that it absorbs the Sun’s light and reflect it at night. Scientist believed that one day the Sun would run out of light. In other words the reaction would be completed. Isn’t it amazing and selfless that the Sun never mind sharing its light with the moon while it’s dying.

I want us to examine our selves today and see if we are that selfless like the Sun. Are we generous like the Sun? Can we deny our selves happiness for others to be happy?

Let’s think and reflect on the beautiful relationship between these two celestial bodies that for years had provided us with so much to count.

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Remembering a friend

I & my cousin set out to visit a friend, Umar, at his parent’s home. We were welcomed by a crowd that seems to be in a mourning session. Their silence tell how deeply they were thinking of life, living and death. We asked what was wrong. The answer was one of the heaviest words that fell on my ears in recent years. ‘Umar is dead’ and that was that. Not a single word from him till now and so shall it continue till eternity.
No body knows when the life that has been supporting you all of a sudden, not only betray you, but compromise the relationship you had and hand you over to death? It is so quick. With a single snatch we have become history. Each one of us will be remembered by his deeds and not by what he ‘wanted’ to do.
My friend’s death sets me reflecting on so many things. One of them is the reality that each one of us has an appointed time that is coming and which none can live beyond that point.
Now that we have all the hours, all the days, and all the chances that we need, what are we doing right now that would never fade after we might have depart? Let’s live a print, a bold mark that can be seen from far, that can take our names to the ‘good’ chapter of the book of history.
I would continue to remember my friend for his laughters, his smiles and his elegant mode of dressing.
May God Almighty grant him peace and mercy.

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In The Rain

It Looks Like Twenty Five Years Ago.

We Were Playing in The Rain.

Everything Seems Quite and Still.

The Lightning is Becoming More Brighter.

Everyone Runs Home One After Another.

I Was Left Alone and My only Company was My Imagination.

I Turned a Little Towards East and I Saw the Grasses Shaking.

Behold! It Was a Snake – Green and Beautiful.

I Was Dead Scared.

The Curiosity of a Child Made Me to Stare at the Snake Without Eye Blinking.

This Reptile Continue to Display its Ability to Coil Round the Tall Grass.

The Raindrops Begin to Increase in Size and. Speed.

This Made My Green Entertainer to Halt the Display and Seek Refuge.

It Gracefully Came Down Moving Towards Me.

My Heartbeat Escalated and an Instant Cold Overtook the Heat in My Body.

I Shouted SNAKE!!

And I Felt a Touch on My Hand And a Familiar Voice Saying “what is it?”

My Eyes Reluctantly Opened And I Turned to the Right And Then to the Left.

There Was no Snake, no Rain and I Wasn’t Wet.

It Was Just a Dream!


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FMM 7 12 13 It’s all about me.

Friday Morning Messages


IMG_20130705_191714“You never really learn much from hearing yourself speak.”

~George Clooney.

If you spend any time on facebook, you may sometimes find yourself wondering why people decide to have a public and contentious debate on any given subject. Often by the time they give up, they have dragged any number of people in, and generated ill-will and hostility.

What did we do before facebook? Whatever happened to speaking directly to the person and clearing things up one on one? We get caught up in climbing on our soapbox and appealing to the crowd. When our feelings are hurt we instinctively try to rally like-minded individuals. But when all is said and done, did the original situation warrant the size of the reaction?

We sometimes let our ego drag us into tussles we have no need to be a part of. And even after we have lost sight…

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Own the planet

As humans, and as the most civilized creation living on earth, can we beat our chest and say we are making a positive marks on the planet? The planet, based on my little understanding, has been entrusted unto us. The air, the water, the plants, and all that have been created for the use of man.

Today we have advanced in all aspect of our lives, we excelled in technology. From earth we launch and control a car size ‘Curiosity Rover’ to mars, we developed vaccines to diseases that were once seen as incurable, we operated a beating heart, almost every thing, name it, have been achieved by the human race. There is one thing that if we fail to do, all these advancement may mean nothing – I mean taking care of the planet. Our climatic condition has been changing due to our activities. I agree that we cannot do without burning fossils fuel(for now), but we can do something to mitigate the effect. I’m referring to supporting plants life-planting of trees.

It has been said that there is no reward for goodness than goodness. The planet has supported our lives in so many different ways. We need to support it now. Beside, I recently read in one excellent blog that nurturing something that grows, along with other recommendations, would help in achieving the much needed world peace. Most of the times we fold our hands and wait for the authorities to do that which we as individuals need to do. The authorities are not entirely blameless too. We used to know of a popular campaign back then in primary school aimed at checking desert encroachment in our region. It was known as ‘The tree planting campaign’. During such campaign, the Local and state authorities would provide the plantations and people including students would be gathered to witness and partake in the planting exercise.

Today, whenever we drive pass such man-made little forest, the trees stand tall symbolizing a hallmark of genuine and sincere intention to attend to the degrading condition of the planet at that time. I wonder if such excellent programs exist today. After all, this is the time that we need to act even more. Do something! It is our planet, let’s own it.


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A year ago

As today marks exactly one year that I had my first post up on this blog; It’s just appropriate to write something even if it’s a single sentence.
I started the blog with the intention of writing and sharing my thoughts and experiences and to read from the post of other bloggers. I would have love to update the blog weekly like, but I could not. I know that writing requires discipline. With all sincerity, this discipline is what I need more of. I have been working hard to try to force myself to write but things get in the way and I have to abandon many post I had started writing. If am to go on a self assessment, I would say I had not done good enough in ‘frequent update’ of the blog. Another aspect that I would like to improve is adding some pictures in my posts. Pictures are good ingredient of a mouth-watering post.
I want to thank my followers and readers. Even though what I write is not the best that one can spend some precious time reading, my readers always go ahead to read and leave their comments. That gives me the courage to continue writing.

Thank you


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